Predicting data evolution, anticipating a risk and discovering new areas of interest

Realize a Big Data project is not only the ability to process large amounts of data, more of this is the ability to have a unique knowledge of information and correlations between available data. Data Governance is not a technology, but is a set of strategies, processes and rules that allow data to be processed and exploited.
This is why it is important for companies to be able to:

  • Identify the correlations between available data (internal and external)
  • Understand how to extract value from data (Data Monetization)
  • Manage security and privacy
  • link and identify multiple correlations from different sourcesz
    independently from their structure


Take advantages from the true value of data means being independent from the structure, the type of available data and how they are stored. This means have tools that at the same time can understand the content, link the information and discover the relationships among the data.
DS4BIZ Connectò
It is a solution that allows companies to connect and integrate different type of information between them independently from structure, storage mode, content. With Connectò you can discover hidden information and amplify the value of data.
With DS4BIZ it is possible to:
  • Building virtual Datalakes
  • Use traditional BI tools on data independently whether they are structured or unstructured
  • Semantically aggregate data
  • Transform data "on the fly" without store them
  • Use Semantic Reconciliation operators. Data Maps are automatically discovered and validated by the developers
  • Find relationships between data on different schemas: foreign keys, equivalence field, field / object aggregation
Data Masking


Privacy will always be one of the most important issues that IT, Marketing, Sales, etc. are facing in the next years. More we provide services to our customers, more we collect data that we must store securely and protected from unauthorized access. At the same time we need to analyze, share and extract information from these data at different levels. To do this companies need to have technological tools that can mask them and at the same time guarantee the value of the results, regardless of whether they are masked and unmasked.
DS4BIZ Data Masking
It is a tool that combines different data masking techniques basing on a conceptual analysis of the context and the type of data to be masked.
DS4BIZ allows to:
  • Mask data maintaining the analysis properties, the logical consistency between them and ensuring reversibility or non-reversibility when necessary
  • Replace data with conceptually coherent alternatives (format / semantic conservation)
  • Automatically select the best masking technique for a single data type
  • Create masking chains for the complex data transformation
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