DS4BIZ is a Framework based on open source technology, developed by LIVE TECH, that allow companies to introduce Cognitive solutions in a simple and fast way. The platform has developed in academic environments on the partner experience on consulting and marketing service.
DS4Biz is based on three main components:

*This approach improves the "knowledge" of the information, dialogues between different data sources, uses one platform for multiple domains and provides greater flexibility in different context of use.


The most innovative technologies are the ones that interact with people and different systems, learn from those exchanges and from data, adapt on future interactions or on different environment. This increasingly make productive the experience of using them.

Continuously learn from data and interaction

Easily interact with users or different systems

Fits to users and to customer IT environment


  • Cognitive framework
  • Flexible Framework, fits to different domains
  • Plugin Connectors allows to integrate different sources (database, data flow, web-service)
  • Micro-services architecture
  • AI as a new User Interface
  • DS4BIZ can easily interact with customer IT infrastructure
  • Single infrastructure, modular and easily customizable that allows fast implementation (Less than 3 months)


  • Improves customer journey recommending the right product at the right time by a better profiling customers, interaction and adaptation
  • Helps to innovate products, services, and processes finding new solutions based on a deep customer knowledge
  • You can build full fledged interactive Chatbot
  • Founds new features by learning from data (eg fraud, products, ecc)
  • Monitor/manage specific processes and suggest actions.
  • It adapt and correlate multiple domains (eg. to detect fraud, Marketing Campaign)
  • Is flexible in the integration of different sources
  • You can share information in different contexts of company environment (cross domain)
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