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Companies today are facing new challenges in making their processes more efficient and faster. This allow to optimize costs and to reduce inefficiencies, identify illegal behaviors, improve communication with customers.
The main problems companies take on today are:

  • Make internal processes faster and more responsive (Cognitive RPA)
  • Intercept and prevent anomalous behaviours (eg fraud, inconsistent processes, clauses, fraud, etc.)
  • Simplify communication with customers
  • Create intelligent interfaces to support processes
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Companies manually execute several dozens of activities, which require a large number of resources and a great probability of error caused by the monotony of the task. This is why companies are starting to implement rules-based Robotic Process Automation (RPA) projects with high maintenance costs and difficulties in managing new events. To overcome these problems is required a technology that can dynamically choose the right process, adapt to new events and learn from mistakes and context.
DS4BIZ Cognitive RPA
It is a solution that allows companies to include an AI engine into an RPA project, making the RPA solution dynamic, flexible and optimizing processes in an optimal way
DS4BIZ allows to:
  • Create a RPA COGNITIVE process or add a cognitive component to a typical RPA solution (eg UiPath, Blue Prism, etc.)
  • Automatically choose the process in according on the context and on the events timeline
  • Predict the outcome of a process to better deal with the next one
  • Learn from feedback and choose the right process for a new event
  • Monitor all processes in order to identify correlations and predict anomalies
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The first pillar of a chatbot is to design a technology that works for people and not "due" to them. This means put an end to solutions whose value emerges only when the user adapt to them.
DS4BIZ Cognitive Chatbot
It is a solution that allows to integrate Artificial Intelligence functionalities within traditional Chatbot interfaces (telegram, whatsapp, etc.) or to build your own one.
With DS4BIZ it is possible to:
  • Improve Customer Journey by creating interactive Chatbot that can learn from customers, adapt to them and understand their needs
  • Support and simplify access to internal processes through the analysis of natural language and learning from similar processes
  • Improve user interface of RPA processes by making them more accessible and flexible
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