Data enrichment starting from simple data

In the last few years more and more companies tried to know, analyze the intentions and emotions of their customers. To do so, they tried to improve the interaction with the customer through the implementation of immediate and efficient user interfaces. On the other hand they tried to know the potential of their customers from available data, catch the right moment and anticipate trends. These are the goals that companies daily aim to reach.
To achieve these results, companies must:

  • Know their customers and build a unique customer vision
  • Improve the customer journey
  • Innovate their product on a customer interest and recommend the right product or service for each customer
Cognitive Chatbox


The first pillar of a chatbot is to design a technology that works for people and not "due" to them. This means put an end to solutions whose value emerges only when the user adapt to them.
DS4BIZ Cognitive Chatbot
It is a solution that allows to integrate Artificial Intelligence functionalities within traditional Chatbot interfaces (telegram, whatsapp, etc.) or to build your own one.
Con DS4BIZ è possibile:
  • Identify the correlations between available data (internal and external)
  • Understand how to extract value from data (Data Monetization)
  • Manage security and privacy
  • link and identify multiple correlations from different sourcesz
    independently from their structure


Customers receive thousands of products proposals every day. More than 90% are not considered because are not in line with their interests and needs. To overcome this problem, is needed a dynamic technology to understand customers context, to learn from their behavior and to adapt to them.
DS4BIZ Recommender Service
It is a service that analyses, learns, adapts, interacts with the customer in order to advise the right product at the right time and to better understand customer habits
DS4BIZ allows to:
  • Improve Customer Journey by suggesting products or services that are more suited to customer’s interest
  • Discover new products and services
  • Improve e-commerce services by learning from customers' interests and behavior
  • Approach better ads by avoiding retargeting problems
  • Improve marketing campaigns


Internal, social and web data hide a lot of single information that are useful for knowing customer's habits, interests, relationships or simply enriching available data. These data have a significant value for marketing, customer profiling, help companies to better identify the right product to the right goal.
DS4BIZ allows to:
  • Connect data to discover hidden relationships
  • Know customers by building a unique and complete vision
  • Enrich data that discover information and correlations on internal and external data
  • Better understand the customer
  • Check the results of a marketing campaign
  • Classify data by relying on the context, type, etc.
DS4Biz – Crumbs
Allows to analyze company data, external sources and rebuild information and relationships starting from a "crumb" (a small piece of information) enriching available data.
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