Artificial Intelligence
on a human scale

We are committed to making enterprises aware of the adoption and implementation of AI in their processes and making Industry 4.0 a path of transformation accessible to all.



A measurable adoption strategy

Exploration, early adoption, or structural pervasiveness: whatever the starting point, we support companies in implementing a comprehensive AI strategy that is measurable over time and as correct as possible.

Who we are

A team of software developers, data scientists, DevOps engineers, and business experts eating artificial intelligence and projects for breakfast.

Where we are

We cover the Boot from north to south, so you can find us in Rome, Milan, and Cosenza.

How many do we count

We have implemented more than 15 vertical projects and 3 funded projects.


Ethics beyond philosophy

We develop technology solutions to introduce concretely ethical AI into companies.
Because an ethical AI can be tangible and measurable, in its short- and long-term impacts.
Because an ethical AI means respectful, reliable, safe, and clear, like water.

The ingredients of our AI


We scrupulously evaluate our models, to ensure their high standards of effectiveness and performance at all times.


We track all development processes (technical and business) to deliver you a system over which you have full governance.


We make the black box understandable, what happens inside and why, and how to interpret it based on your AI adoption goals.

Join the team

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