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LOKO AI, to accelerate the process of AI industrialization.

LOKO AI is an on-prem IDE that democratizes access to artificial intelligence and enables its sustainable integration into any software application.

Create AI code, share it with your team, and reuse it to maintain high standards of compliance within your company.

  • build workflows with drag-and-drop interface
  • write new code in any language or import it from Git
  • Exports projects in containers to any DevOps platform

Optimizer, magic formulas for consuming less and producing better

Optimizer is a system that combines IoT with ML techniques to achieve the optimization of energy consumption of industrial production cycles and the improvement of their quality standards.

By collecting production data from the machinery (technical, energy, and quality) and learning from it, the system can obtain combinatorial formulas for optimal production.

Forecaster, automatic marketplace management according to market

Forecaster is an ML-based management system that is used to establish a strategy on market trend forecasts to achieve efficient stock rotation, supply optimization, and increased sales.

schermata del pc con statistiche di e-commerce

Cognitive Dispatcher, intelligent sorter of complex communications

Cognitive Dispatcher is software that uses ML and OCR technology to automate the cataloging, sorting of communications, and management of incoming forms coming from different channels (PEC, e-mail, etc.) and sent in different formats (pdf, html, jpg,etc.).

Minerva, an erudite virtual assistant

Minerva is a chatbot based on Generative AI technology that gives answers and information related to a specific dataset and returns, for each answer, a detailed list of sources used.